Mergers and Acquisitions

Members of the American Business Appraisers National Network often assist buyers and sellers in the sale, acquisition, or merging of businesses. We may assist you in identifying prospective buyers and sellers. Once negotiations have begun, in addition to considering price, it is essential that both parties understand the value and terms of the transaction. We can compare the stand-alone value of a company (its value if it continues independently) with its potential worth to a synergistic buyer, who could add value through increased revenue, lower costs, and/or lower risks.

Our fees are based on our time and expertise and are not contingent on your completion of an acquisition or a sale.

  1. Identification of Acquisition Targets and Target Acquisition Plus Services (TAPS): If you are trying to locate a company to acquire, you may want to take advantage of ABA’s research, analysis, management interview and valuation skills to identify a potential seller. TAPS can help you as an acquirer or a seller of a business. We can find sellers before they have “officially” decided to sell or we can locate companies that can acquire your company or division. We can help you develop an “acquisition profile” that will identify your criteria for a search. Once we’ve researched companies that match the profile, we will make recommendations on how to turn these companies into preliminary “prospects” and then final “targets.” Unlike a broker, the ABA does not have a financial interest in the outcome of your transaction. Our fees are based on our time and expertise and are not contingent on your completion of an acquisition or a sale.
  2. Pricing of Acquisitions and Divestitures: For most matters involving transactions — actual purchases and sales of business interests or assets — the final price and terms will be negotiated by the parties. In these situations, an independent appraisal may be of interest to no one, since it will probably fall in the middle between what a buyer wants to pay and what an owner wants to sell for. In such cases, we can act as your consultant, helping you negotiate the best deal, as long as our advocacy role is clearly explained to everyone concerned.

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