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The American Business Appraisers National Network (ABA) is a member-owned network of experienced and credentialed business valuation professionals. The strategic objective of the ABA is to provide members with the resources and expertise of a national network of highly qualified business appraisal professionals. Member firms enjoy exclusive member territories defined by geographic regions, as well as the benefit of group purchasing discounts on many business valuation research subscriptions.

ABA promotes higher education for its members as a result of an exclusive annual valuation conference. Topics are cutting edge valuation issues. Ever find yourself in need of peer assistance? Many of our members are seasoned appraisers who are willing to help in any way they can. Never turn down another valuation engagement because you do not feel comfortable with your knowledge base. Just pick up the phone and call a fellow ABA member.

Becoming an American Business Appraisers affiliate has many advantages. To learn more about becoming a member, fill out our inquiry form and someone from the managing board will contact you.

Why Belong to ABA?

As a member of ABA you will receive discounted subscription services to many of the research tools needed to perform business valuations, as well as cost sharing on several other subscription services included with your membership at no additional cost. ABA has created a virtual data room with proprietary information related to all aspects of a business valuation topics and report writing – simply login with your password to gain access. Have a question on an engagement you are working on or thinking of taking on and not sure you should? Simply send an email blast to the membership for feedback or pitfalls to watch out for. ABA also holds an annual business valuation conference with in-depth discussions on pertinent current topics. Members also have a “member’s page” and “map listings” on the organization’s website with a direct link to their company’s website.

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