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Robert J. Strachota, MCBA, MAI, CRE, BVAL, FIBA

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88 South 10th Street, Suite 400
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55403
Phone: 612-333-6533
Fax: 612-344-1635

Shenehon Company, located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is a real estate and business valuation firm serving both the public and the private sectors throughout the United States. Our unique combination of real estate and business valuation experience allows us to provide a wide range of services as well as innovative solutions to difficult valuation issues. Our firm has completed over 2,500 appraisals in real estate and business valuation over the last five years.

Shenehon Company has 30+ years of experience in determining the market value of business operations and holding companies, and valuing tangible and intangible assets. Additionally, we can appraise any real estate owned by the business to arrive at the final supportable market value of all the assets.

Shenehon’s business valuation appraisers are seasoned practitioners who provide analyses and market values for both operating and holding companies, including controlling and partial interest valuations. Assignments include valuations for entities in all industries for purposes such as: estate and gift tax matters, allocations of purchase price, ESOP planning, franchise rights, business damages, bankruptcy, shareholder disputes, patent rights, buy/sell agreements and obtaining SBA or bank financing.

Our appraisers complete assignments from standard valuations of a single-location enterprise to complicated projects such as appraising vast holding companies, mineral rights/mining operations, manufacturing companies, and national and regional service/retail businesses. We have expertise in assigning value to intangible business assets including goodwill, employee expertise, patents, customer lists and brand recognition.

The International Society of Business Appraisers (ISBA) has recognized Shenehon Company for its excellence and adherence to professional performance standards. Shenehon was awarded ISBA’s Gold Seal of Trust in Business Valuation.

Robert J. Strachota, MCBA, MAI, CRE, BVAL, FIBA
Robert J. Strachota, MCBA, MAI, CRE, BVAL, FIBA President

Bob is a nationally recognized leader in the real estate and business valuation industries. He is highly respected by those seeking professional opinions of value, such as individual property owners, investors, government agencies, corporations, lenders, and courts. Bob holds both the MAI and MCBA designations, the highest professional designation in each industry. During his 30 years of appraisal experience, Bob has completed thousands of appraisals for a wide variety of complex commercial real estate and business properties. Bob is an acclaimed expert witness in federal, state, and district courts, as well as commission hearings and mediations. Litigators rely on his depth of experience, understanding of valuation issues, and knowledge of real estate and financial markets. Bob is frequently invited to speak at valuation seminars and is published in local and national trade journals.

Professional Designations and Affiliations: Robert J. Strachota

  • Member Appraisal Institute (MAI)
  • Master Certified Business Appraiser (MCBA)
  • Counselor of Real Estate (CRE®)
  • Fellow of the Institute of Business Appraisers (FIBA)
  • University of Minnesota Foundation Real Estate Advisors
  • University of St. Thomas Real Estate Advisory Board

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