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Brian A. Wendler, Principal, CPA, ABV, ASA- BV/IA/HC, CM&AA, ABAR, CMEA, MCBC, BCB, CFP, BCA

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17480 Dallas Parkway, Ste 220
Dallas, Texas 75287
Phone: 972-235-6287
Fax: 972-677-7533

Brian A. Wendler, Principal, CPA, ABV, ASA- BV/IA, CM&AA, ABAR, CMEA, MCBC, BCB, CFP

National Business Valuation Services, Inc. is a full service, national business appraisal and transaction advisory firm located in Dallas, Texas. We provide custom business appraisal, exit planning, and transaction advisory services nationwide. This includes individual buyers and sellers, professional merger & acquisition intermediaries, lending institutions, and professionals providing advice to business and practice owners in law, accounting, insurance, financial planning, gift and estate tax planning, transition strategies, and other financial services. Its principal has been involved in over 13,000 business valuations, trained over 1,000 merger & acquisition advisors and professionals, and assisted in over 15,000 business transfer transactions. Our experience extends across a wide variety of industries, and company sizes, including manufacturing, distribution, retail, healthcare, finance, engineering, hi-tech, and low-tech firms. We also hold the CMEA accreditation and offer Certified Machinery and Equipment Appraisals as an additional service to our clients. All of our valuation professionals have advanced degrees, such as CPAs and MBAs and we belong to some of the most prestigious business valuation and transaction associations in the Country; such as, the Association for Corporate Growth, Alliance for Corporate Wealth, Alliance of M&A Advisors, American Society of Appraisers, NEBB Institute, and the Accredited Business Valuators of the AICPA.

Business Valuation Practice Services

  • Buyers and sellers of businesses, medical, and professional practices;
  • Taxes – gift and estate, FLPs, or a change in corporate structure (from C to S);
  • Buy/sell agreements funded by the purchase of life insurance;
  • Divorce or economic damages litigation;
  • SBA lending to acquire a business, or to recapitalize your own business;
  • Purchase price allocation with respect to personal goodwill and intellectual property; and,
  • Valuation of stock options and restricted stock in compliance with 409A.

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