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The ABA network is your resource for industry leading business valuation expertise. We have members across the country who are highly qualified to help with your business valuation needs. Our members have valued thousands of businesses worth billions of dollars in every imaginable context. We are happy to assist with your business appraisal needs, whatever the size or location of your business.

Highly Qualified

As you can see in our business valuation qualifications, we have completed rigorous education, training, testing and peer review to earn our profession’s most prestigious credentials. Beyond that, we are committed to the highest standards of professional conduct to help you achieve your goals.

In every case, we will thoroughly and confidentially discuss with you each situation, at no obligation on your part, to determine how best we can serve you: as an independent and objective business appraiser or as a business consultant helping you get the best value or deal. This is a critical distinction that is worth some explanation.

Appraiser or Consultant?

Generally speaking, for most matters involving taxation, litigation, and compliance, you will need an independent and objective business appraiser to issue a report that supports an unambiguous value for a business interest or asset. We may be called upon to testify in court, defend in an audit, or to participate in regulatory hearings to support our conclusion against strong adverse scrutiny. We are required by law and our professional standards to be independent and objective in all such situations. A business appraisal that favors the client will have no credibility with the authorities, and will be damaging to you and us.

On the other hand, for most matters involving transactions – actual purchases and sales of business interests or assets – the final price and terms will be negotiated by the parties. In these situations, an independent business appraisal may be of interest to no one, since it will probably fall in the middle between what a buyer wants to pay and what an owner wants to sell for. In such cases, we can act as your consultant, helping you negotiate the best deal, as long as our advocacy role is clearly explained to everyone concerned.

In no case can we act as both a neutral appraiser and a non-neutral consultant. That would be a conflict of interest.


Contact Us for More Information

Every situation is unique. Please contact our network or find the appraiser nearest you to discuss your needs.

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