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Our Purpose

We are a consortium of independent business appraisers who share and foster professional growth among their peers. Members are encouraged to share their appraisal expertise with fellow members for the benefit of the business appraisal profession and their appraisal clients.

Who is ABA?

ABA members are seasoned business appraisers who are highly regarded within the appraisal industry. Some have authored business valuation courses, others teach business valuation courses for several of the credentialing valuation organizations, and others sit on the governing boards of some of the elite valuation credentialing organizations. ABA members are willing to extend a professional courtesy or partner with fellow ABA members on difficult appraisal assignments; thereby creating professional growth within the ABA.


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Fractional Interests in Appraising

According to business and real estate appraiser Dennis Webb of California-based Primus PVX, fractional interests in real estate have proliferated greatly, and are not going away. At the 2021 Appraisal Institute’s Annual Conference in Orlando, Florida, Webb’s presentation focused on looking forward to the 2.0 version of fractional interests involving data, methods and facts. Continue >>>

Newly Elected Managing Directors for 2022-2023

We’d like to welcome our newly elected 2022-2023 Managing Directors. Strong leadership is what makes our Network possible! Deirdre Russell – Business Appraisals & Consulting, Inc. Montgomery, AL Lisa Swanson – Blue Abaco Consulting, Inc. Tampa Bay, FL Tracey Eaves – American Business Appraisers, LLC Farmington, NM Thank you to outgoing Directors for their leadership!… Continue >>>

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