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American Business Appraisers is a nationwide network of credentialed business valuation appraisers. ABA members provide business appraisal and consulting services in taxation, litigation, transaction, and regulatory compliance matters. Click on your location on the map to locate an ABA member near you.

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Business Valuation News & Events

  • Bill HerberIt is with great sadness American Business Appraisers National Network (ABA) announces the loss of one of its affiliate members William C. “Bill” Herber. Bill passed away on June 27, 2017 following a lengthy illness.

  • Robert B. Morrison, Managing Partner of the ABA Member Firm Morrison Valuation & Forensic Services, LLC elected International Vice-President of the American Society of Appraisers.

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  • group_2010_smAmerican Business Appraisers is a network of business valuation professionals across the U.S. ABA members have extensive experience and are qualified to meet all of your business valuation needs.

Phoenix, Arizona Business Appraiser

Business Appraisal, Phoenix, Arizona: KC Conrad, American Business Appraisers, LLCAmerican Business Appraisers, LLC
KC Conrad, Principal
American Business Appraisers is nationally recognized for performing appraisal services for family-owned and closely-held businesses, professional practices, limited liability companies, corporations and partnerships. Click to learn more…

San Francisco, California Business Appraiser

Business Appraisal, San Francisco, California: Michael Eggers and Robert Laversin, American Business Appraisers, LLPAmerican Business Appraisers, LLP
Michael J. Eggers, Principal
Robert W. Laversin, Principal
ABA, LLP was established in 1989 and specializes in business valuation and litigation consulting services. Click to learn more…

Ventura & Santa Barbara, California Business Appraiser

Business Appraisal, Ventura, California: Stephen D. McMorrow, Bratton, McMorrow & Associates, LLPBratton, McMorrow & Associates, LLP
Stephen D. McMorrow, Principal
Mr. McMorrow has valued businesses for estate planning, gifting, owner disputes, shareholder and partner disputes, marital dissolutions, and more. Click to learn more…

Los Angeles, California Business Appraiser

Business Appraisal, Los Angeles, California: Dennis A. Webb, Primus ValuationsPrimus Valuations
Dennis A. Webb, Owner
Primus Valuations is a specialty business valuation firm, with a practice emphasis on property-related businesses as well as many types of manufacturing, service, and other businesses. Click to learn more…

Denver, Colorado Business Appraiser

Business Appraisal, Denver, Colorado: Bryan DesMarteau, Apex Valuation Consulting, LLCApex Valuation Consulting LLC
Bryan DesMarteau, Managing Member
Apex Valuation Consulting LLC offers business valuation and owner succession planning services to privately-owned businesses. Click to learn more…

Miami/Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Business Appraiser

Business Appraisal, Miami, Florida: Marcie Bour, Florida Business Valuation GroupFlorida Business Valuation Group
Marcie Bour, President
FBVG provides business appraisal services, forensic accounting and litigation consulting services for small and mid-sized businesses. Click to learn more…

Orlando, Florida Business Appraiser

Business Appraisal, Orlando, Florida: Robert B. Morrison, Morrison Valuation & Forensic Services, LLCMorrison Valuation & Forensic Services, LLC
Robert B. Morrison, Managing Partner
MorrisonVFS offers business valuation services for financial reporting, estate and gift, sale and purchase, and litigation purposes; forensic accounting for civil and criminal matters; and expert witness services in commercial disputes. Click to learn more…

Atlanta, Georgia Business Appraiser

Business Appraisal, Atlanta, Georgia: Mark A. Dayman, CapVal, LLCCapVal-American Business Appraisers, LLC
Mark A. Dayman, Principal
CapVal furnishes services in the fields of business appraisal, appraisals of intangible and other assets, merger and acquisition consulting, strategic planning, and family succession. Click to learn more…

Chicago, Illinois Business Appraiser

Business Appraisal, Chicago, Illinois: Brandi Ruffalo, Valuation & Forensic Partners, LLCValuation & Forensic Partners, LLC
Brandi L. Ruffalo, President
Valuation & Forensic Partners provides business valuation, litigation support, and forensic and fraud analysis services in the Chicago, Illinois area. Click to learn more…

Tel Aviv, Israel Business Appraiser

Business Appraisal, Tel Aviv, Israel: Eli Elal, Fair Value, Ltd.Fair Value, Ltd.
Eli Elal
Fair Value is an independent multi-disciplinary consulting firm in Tel Aviv, Israel specializing in financial consulting and professional independent business appraisals. Click to learn more…

Boston, Massachusetts Business Appraiser

Business Appraisal, Boston, Massachusetts: Chris Mellen, Delphi Valuation AdvisorsDelphi Valuation Advisors, Inc.
Chris M. Mellen, President
Delphi Valuation Advisors is a leading provider of valuation advisory services located in the Boston area. Click to learn more…

Minneapolis, Minnesota Business Appraiser

Business Appraisal, Minneapolis, Minnesota: Robert J. Strachota, Shenehon CompanyShenehon Company
Robert J. Strachota, President
Shenehon Company is a real estate and business valuation firm serving both the public and the private sectors throughout the United States. Click to learn more…

Las Vegas, Nevada Business Appraiser

Business Appraisal, Las Vegas, Nevada: Donald R. Parker, Gryphon Valuation Consultants, Inc.Gryphon Valuation Consultants, Inc.
Donald R. Parker, Principal
Gryphon Valuation Consultants is a full-service business valuation and litigation consulting firm located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Click to learn more…

Business Valuation: Albany, New York

Business Valuation, Albany, New-York.Teal, Becker & Chiaramonte, CPAs, P.C.
Johanne Floser, Teal, Becker & Chiaramonte
Johanne Floser has nearly 20 years of valuation and related experience. As a certified Valuation Analyst (CVA) Click to learn more…

Raleigh-Durham, NC Business Appraiser

Business Appraisal, Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina: Kathleen S. Monks, CapVal-ABA, LLCCapVal-American Business Appraisers, LLC
Kathleen S. Monks, Principal
CapVal furnishes services in the fields of business appraisal, appraisals of intangible and other assets, merger and acquisition consulting, strategic planning, and family succession. Click to learn more…

Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware Business Appraiser

Business Appraisal, Phiadelphia, Pennsylvania: R. Victor Haas, Jr, Haas Business Valuation Services Inc.Haas Business Valuation Services Inc.
R. Victor Haas, Jr.
Haas Business Valuation Services Inc. is well-known and respected in the tristate area for the quality assistance it provides. Click to learn more…

South Carolina Business Appraiser

Business Appraisal, South Carolina: Sherry Smith, Zephyr Financial Corp. Zephyr Financial Corp.
Sherry C. Smith, Principal
Located in South Carolina, Zephyr Financial Corp. provides appraisals of closely-held business interests, professional practices, holding companies, and intangible assets. Click to learn more…

Dallas, Texas Business Appraiser

Business Appraisal, Dallas, Texas: Brian A. Wendler, National Business Valuation ServicesNational Business Valuation Services
Brian A. Wendler

National Business Valuation Services is a full service, national business valuation and transaction advisory firm. Click to learn more…

Business Valuation: Virginia

Business Appraisers, VirginiaDavis Business Appraisers
Roland Davis
Davis Business Appraisers, a Virginia business appraisal firm performs business valuations and machinery & equipment appraisals. Click to learn more…